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MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Subject Access Fields (6XX)

This document contains the Subject Access Fields (6XX) section of the MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic format which includes all related data elements and many examples. MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Subject Access Fields (6XX) ... A subject added entry in which the entry element is a uniform title. Indicators. First - Nonfiling characters ...

Understanding MARC 21 Bibliographic Records

Understanding MARC 21 Bibliographic Records Session 6 Presented by Emily Dust Nimsakont PowerPoint by Devra Dragos, Nebraska Library Commission; revised by Sharon Mason, Charity Martin & Emily Dust Nimsakont Agenda ... Main entries-Uniform title

OCLC-MARC records glossary - OCLC Support

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (formerly called USMARC) is an implementation of ANSI standard Z39.2. OCLC-MARC is an implementation of MARC 21 that conforms to the ANSI standard. Standards provide a common way of organizing machine- readable records so that they can be easily exchanged among users.

Descriptions Books Theses Serials Remark Tag No.

MARC21 Code List for Identification .....24th September, 2001 1 MARC21 Code List for Field Identification MARC21 Tag No. Descriptions Books Theses Serials Remark

MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Main Entry Fields (1XX)

Fields 100-130 contain a name or a uniform title heading used as a main entry in bibliographic records. Except for the definitions of indicator positions and subfield codes that are field specific, the content designation for each type of name and for uniform titles is consistent for Main Entry (100-130), Series Statement (400-440), Subject Access (600-630), Added Entry (700-730), and Series ...

MARC 21 crib sheet - bibliographic records - b Peck

MARC 21 FORMAT CRIB SHEET BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS Back to references Ending punctuation Minimum fields required (LoC) ... MARC 21 TAG contents indi-cators SUBFIELD CODE DISPLAY CONSTANT / CODE / MEANING / WHAT TO INPUT ... Main entry uniform title: 0 _-Standardized titles of journals, broadcasts, movies, etc. when work has appeared under varying ...

How are EBSCO's MARC records altered to meet the ...

Enter the uniform title into 130 field, unless fields 100, 110, or 111 exist, in which case uniform title goes into 240. If 240 already present, add " (Online)" to the end. If 130 already present, add "

21.30J. TITLES. - Cooperative Cataloging Rules - Google Sites

Controlled added entries for works are stated in MARC in fields 700, 710-711 (name/title combinations) and 730 (uniform title heading). The found form of a title, a form appearing on an item and limited to the title itself, divorced from any entitythat may be primarily

130 Main Entry - Uniform Title - ITS.MARC

Field definition and scope: Field 130 contains a uniform title used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. A main entry under uniform title is used when a work is entered directly under title and the work has appeared under varying titles, necessitating that a particular title be chosen to represent the work.

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MARC Fields Checklist (Updated 11/15/2011) 000 000/06 (Qualifier, Type of record)Control Fields (Leader) a Language material (e.g., a book)

246 Varying Form of Title - OCLC

Varying forms of the title appearing on different parts of an item, or a portion of the title proper, or an alternative form of the title when the form differs substantially from the title statement in field 245, and they contribute to the further identification of the item.

Specific changes from AACR2 to RDA RDA Basics

Uniform titles. The uniform title, which goes in the 240 field (or 130 field if it is the authorized access point), is now called the preferred title. There are several small changes to its use under RDA.

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: Appendix G: Format ...

Appendix G - Format Changes. MARC 21 Bibliographic . December 2017 . This section is provided for the lists of format changes that accompany each update to the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data. MARC 21 FORMAT FOR BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FORMAT CHANGE LIST ... 130 (Main Entry-Uniform Title), 240 (Uniform Title), ...

Understanding MARC 21 Bibliographic Records

Understanding MARC 21 Bibliographic Records Session 6 Presented by Emily Dust Nimsakont PowerPoint by Devra Dragos, Nebraska Library ... Main entries-Uniform title ... marcfall11/marc.html Due by 8AM Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Next Session

EBSCO MARC Records - FAQs - Support - EBSCO Help

Uniform Title fields can be added to our custom MARC records by special request. The Uniform Title, which is added to the 130 (or 240 field if fields 100, 110 or 111 already exist) is essentially the main title with "(Online)" added.

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: 240: Uniform Title ...

Uniform title for an item when the bibliographic description is entered under a main entry field that contains a personal (field 100), corporate (110), or meeting (111) name. Used when a work has appeared under varying titles, necessitating that a particular title be chosen to represent the work ...

Working with Bibliographic Records - Ex Libris Knowledge ...

Uniform title bibliographic headings support includes support for the MARC 21 240 field. With this feature, you can link the 240 headings to uniform title authority headings, created from the 130 or 430 fields of the authority, or from GND authorities with entity type u.

MARC 21 Bibliographic Format -

The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "MARC 21 Bibliographic Format" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with

2 Online Cataloging - OCLC

There are three categories of online cataloging activity: Copy cataloging. ... forms for all name and uniform title headings (including the name and uniform title portions of name and name/uniform title subject headings) for retrospective cataloging, even if the transcribed record is pre-AACR2. ... see the Library of Congress document MARC 21 ...

Marc 21 - SlideShare

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data is designed to be a carrier for bibliographic information about printed and manuscript textual materials, computer files, maps, music, continuing resources, visual materials, and mixed materials.

RDA to MARC Bibliographic Mapping

RDA Elements Mapped to MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data. ... While there are many instances where there is a one-to-one correspondence between RDA and MARC 21, there are cases where the level of granularity in the MARC 21 element set and RDA element set differs. ... Main entry - Uniform title. Added entry - Personal name. 17.8: Work ...

Marc 21 - SlideShare

Marc 21 1. NAGENDRA.N Marc Tags for Cataloguing.. Mark Tags 010 Library of Congress Control Number -- (LCCN) (NR, or Not Repeatable Indicators undefined.

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data: 368: Other Attributes ...

MARC 21 Authority - full. December 2017. First Indicator Second Indicator ; Undefined # - Undefined: Undefined ... Can include designations of the title of a person or other attributes. For ... Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. ...


MARC 21 FORMAT FOR AUTHORITY DATA Provide information about individual names, subjects, and uniform titles. An authority record establishes an authorized form of each heading, with references as appropriate from other forms of the heading.


IMPORTANT ELEMENTS IN THE MARC 21 BIBLIOGRAPHIC FORMAT prepared by Randall K. Barry (Internet: [email protected]) ... 240 - Uniform Title 241 - Transliterated Title (no longer used) 242 - Translation of Title by Cataloging Agency ... fields in MARC 21). Use of the 1XX block is related to

Heading - Uniform Title -

marc 21 INDICATORS A uniform title used as an established title or extended subject heading in heading records or as an unestablished title in cross reference records.

SLC: Common MARC Fields

There are USMARC, CANMARC (now united in MARC 21), UKMARC, South African MARC, Australian MARC, UNIMARC, OCLC MARC, RLIN-MARC. While each of these is somewhat different from the others they all have the following in common: their structure is based on international standards: ANSI Z39.2 and ISO 2709.

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