Fire resistant ductwork and dampers

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Option #6.) Pressure rated low, medium/high or high: The Metal Fab fire damper pressure rating as it relates to manufacturing the damper: NOTE: Type-C dampers and Type-C sleeved dampers are the only dampers that can be built as medium/high or high pressure.


Vertical installation of fire and combination fire and smoke dampers in a fire resistant ventilation duct, can be accomplished when installed as shown. NOTES 1. The damper sleeve must slip inside the fire resistant duct spool. Damper sleeve assembly will be 1/4" min., 1/2" max., smaller

Automatic Fire Dampers Automatic fire damper & fire/smoke ...

Automatic fire dampers & fire/smoke dampers: Automatic fire damper & fire/smoke damper types, codes, standards, operation & uses. This article describes the types, features, & operation of automatic dampers used to close off building areas or HVAC ductwork sections or zones in the event that a fire (heat) or smoke is detected in a building.

Fire rated and smoke outlet ductwork - The University of ...

Fire Rated Ductwork can be provided either by specialist companies producing proprietary systems, or by treatment to satisfactorily constructed and supported steel ductwork with the addition of fire

Types of fire resistant ductwork Fire Protection

Types of fire resistant ductwork There are four basic types of fire resistant ductwork that could be required or have special use under fire conditions. The following terms are used in identifying varying performance criteria for such ducts.

2 - 4 hour fire rated ducts Kitchen grease duct Lab ...

2-Hour Fire Rated Ductwork. ... a unique non-combustible material consisting of two metal sheets mechanically bonded to a fiber cement core that is fire, blast, moisture and impact resistant, the DuraDuct HP creates a safer environment than standard duct systems.

Examination of the fire resistance requirements for ducts ...

Examination of the fire resistance requirements for ducts and dampers ... Division to critically examine the Fire Resistance requirements for dampers and ducts, ODPM Contract reference CI 71/5/6, BD 2454. ... of dampers contained within the ductwork when exposed to developing fires.

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Fire and gas dampers prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas between ventilation ductwork, where people must have the maximum amount of time to react to possible fire.

Fire damper - Wikipedia

Fire dampers are passive fire protection products used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork


The design features corrosion resistant steel frame ... Although curtain fire dampers restrict flame and airflow passage as described in the NFPA definition, they are virtually ... providing a connection that can 'break away' should the ductwork fall during a fire. This allows the damper/sleeve assembly

The risk assessment of fire damper installations - ASFP

8 THE RISK ASSESSMENT OF FIRE DAMPER INSTALLATIONS. Fire Damper Standards Product standard EN 15650: 2010 Fire dampers ... fire resistant enclosures; ... Ventilation ducts, flues etc. Page 86 - 10.10 Method 1 (e.g. Dampers) is not suitable for extract ductwork serving kitchens. This is due to the likely build up of grease which can ...

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But when a fire breaks out, that very ductwork becomes a potential hazard; fire doors or fire-resistant construction zones will be rendered useless if there are deliberate channels provided for smoke, hot air and flames to pass through.

Passive Fire Protection Market Report - UK 2016-2020 ...

Sep 28, 2016· The passive fire protection market is comprised of fire resistant doors, fittings and intumescent seals, cables, partitions and suspended ceilings, glass, structural protection and ductwork

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Fire rated ductwork and fire dampers Graham Ellicott Association for Specialist Fire Protection The standard periods of stability and integrity should in all cases be at least ... Fire-resistant ductwork Fire-resisting ventilation or extraction steel ductwork is designed using proprietary

Buildings & Architecture Fire Resistant Ductwork & Dampers

Fire resistant ductwork and dampers can prevent fire spread from the room of origin, thus protecting occupants, and the fabric of the building. While specially made fire resistant ductwork can be acquired, there are also different methods of protecting ductwork.

Fire resistant ducts - ISOVER Technical Insulation

Fire resistant ducts . Fire protection of metal duct is the best way to ensure fire safety of both ventilation and smoke extraction ducts in building. ISOVER offers solutions with ULTIMATE mineral wool that provides fire resistance to metal ductwork while meeting thermal and acoustic requirements.

Fire Rated Ducts Leminar Air Conditioning Industries LLC

The correct use of fire resistant ductwork will maintain fire compartmentation and assist in the safe dispersal of smoke and hazardous fumes.The Fenland Fireduct system is an augmented ductwork construction utilizing the latest manufacturing echniques to which an intumescent coating is

Dampers and Actuators Catalog - Johnson Controls

Fire Two-position dampers that are typically found where air ducts penetrate walls or floors. They are designed to restrict the spread of fire. Smoke Two-position or modulating dampers specifically designed to restrict the flow of smoke in a building. ... Dampers and Actuators Catalog.

Intumescent Fire Damper Fire Resistant Board Fire Rating

Fire Resistant Paints For Steel Columns, Beams and Cable Protection Fire Vermiculite and Cemetitious Fendolite Sprays For Structural Steel and Duct work Fire Board For Internal, External and Heat Applications Steel, Walls, Ceilings and Ductwork

Do I Need To Test My Fire Dampers? Ductwork cleaning ...

Whilst most employers are good at testing their fire alarms and carrying out regular fire drills, many forget to test the fire dampers installed in their buildings ducting. What is a fire damper? A fire damper is a piece of equipment that is designed to stop a fire from moving through ducting and spreading to other parts of a building.

Fire Dampers Smoke Control Dampers Fire Resisting

Smoke Control Dampers Fire Resisting Ductwork Smoke Control Ductwork ... In some instances fire resisting ductwork may be installed. This is also designed and tested to ... Smoke Control Dampers Fire Resisting Ductwork Smoke Control Ductwork January 2014 Paul White. Title:

Model 0540V

Model 0540V Wide Frame Static Curtain Fire Damper is UL approved for use where building codes require the protection of HVAC ductwork penetrations in vertical fire separations (walls or partitions) that have a fire resistant rating of 4 hours or less.

Conquest Firespray LLC Fire Rated Duct Solutions

Limiting the spread of fire and smoke through ventilation ducts is an essential life safety design requirement. This is best accomplished through the effective use of building compartmentation, and by using fire and smoke dampers within duct systems.

Passive Fire Protection Equipment (Industrial Report) - UK ...

Fire-resistant ductwork and dampers Figure 22: Segmentation of the UK market for fire-resistant ductwork and dampers glass, by product, 2013 (% by value) Figure 23: Segmentation of the UK market for fire-resistant ductwork and dampers, by type, 2009-2013 (£ Million at MSP)

Fire and Smoke Dampers - Dampers and Accessories ...

Installed inside HVAC ductwork, the damper blades automatically close when a rise in temperature occurs or a smoke alarm goes off. Look through this selection for a round, rectangular or square damper in the size that fits your ductwork, retaining angle frames and

DAYTON Round Fire Damper, 165 Deg F, 13-5/8 In. D - 2TFZ5 ...

This fire damper is designed for use in duct systems or penetrations of fire-rated barriers that have been designed to have pressurized airflow when the damper is expected to cycle closed during a fire.

Understanding Fire & Smoke Damper Application Requirements

Fire dampers are available in 1½ -hour and 3-hour ratings. Those are generally the only two choices. Use a 1½-hour fire damper in 1-hour or 2-hour walls.

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