Islamist de-radicalization in algeria

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Financing al Shabaab: The Vital Port of Kismayo - globalECCO

Financing al Shabaab: The Vital Port of Kismayo By: LTC Geoffrey Kambere, UPDF Al Shabaab, which is generally described as a "Salafi-jihadist movement," is a major player and instigator in the ongoing fight to win control of Somalia. 1 For about four years after its inception in 2006, al Shabaab focused its violence in Somalia only. In 2008, its leader, Ahmed Abdi Aw-Mohamed "Godane," pledged ...

Country Reports on Terrorism 2016 Europe

Overview: Austria demonstrated continued commitment to countering terrorism, and U.S.Austria law enforcement cooperation remained strong.Austrias Office for State Protection and Counterterrorism (BVT), the key counterterrorism agency within the Ministry of the Interior, reported ongoing radicalization to violence efforts by violent Islamist extremist groups.

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