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Very Large Telescope - Wikipedia

The Very Large Telescope (VLT) is a telescope facility operated by the European Southern Observatory on Cerro Paranal in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.The VLT consists of four individual telescopes, each with a primary mirror 8.2 m across, which are generally used separately but can be used together to achieve very high angular resolution. The four separate optical telescopes are known ...

Astronomical map - Star names and designations ...

Astronomical map - Star names and designations: Of approximately 5,000 stars visible to the unaided eye, only a few hundred have proper names, and fewer than 60 are commonly used by navigators or astronomers. A few names come almost directly from the Greek, such as Procyon, Canopus, and Antaresthe latter derived from anti-Ares or rival of Mars because of its conspicuous red colour.

MERLIN : The MERLIN array.

The 25-metre MERLIN telescope at Defford in Worcestershire, formerly part of the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment. All the telescopes are being equipped with state-of-the-art radio receivers, based on technology developed by radio astronomers in Britain and the US.

Celestial Atlas: Andromeda, the Chained Princess

M31 (= NGC 224) (RA 00 42 44, Dec +41 16 06), the Great Galaxy in Andromeda, or "The Andromeda Galaxy"; the nearest galaxy of size similar to our own. Its appearance as an outlying portion of the Milky Way was recorded more than 2000 years ago, and the possibility that it was an object of individual interest, in the early tenth century.

Star - Wikipedia

The concept of a constellation was known to exist during the Babylonian period. Ancient sky watchers imagined that prominent arrangements of stars formed patterns, and they associated these with particular aspects of nature or their myths.

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